a Boundless Greatitude ~farewell 2015~

A year that became such an unpredictable great expectation.
A start with a sadness
End with happiness
As a way to harness heart from cold
Gain and loss
Grateful and give
Relinquish and acceptance
All there be to be..for what I’m now ready to see
Of thee or he, and they or she, no less than we
Remember this will be
gone out from spree
All longing back home to Allah Almighty

O may a new leaf of this coming year, sow us goodness all over

Time is surely short. And we often realized once it passed us by. 2015 is kind of unforgettable complex chronic. Lot of things happened as experiences and lessons that strengthen my condition up to this moment. Some failures, success, oddity, loving care, grief, spirituality, festivity, friends and family all bundled up in a bucket of blessing that i truly appreciate for my life till today. Million graces won’t be enough to the One who led me through the fate for those had happened in 2015; and nonstop prays that whispered upon my Rabb, Allah ya Ghaniyyun Halim. Thank you, a boundless gratitude I thanks to you.

2015th Chronic

January – the death of Daa, closing my final paper officially; when the act of letting go and admittance are necessary.

FebruaryMarch welcome to the new breeze in Kampoeng Inggris, Pare; New days, new friends, new journeys.

April – my univ. Graduation Ceremony came along and get along in participation of 60th Asian-African Commemoration with PEC.

May – June Newly wed member of the family! Hello sister-in-law~ Grateful for them. Back to my half life and live in Pare.

July – mingled in Hujan Safir Community and my days of exams; Ramadhan Mubarak that i felt so much blessing for new ukhuwwah because of Allah *❤ Hujan Safir *

August – focusing self in  my flowery hometown, Bandung; some visits and occasions around Bandung.

September – joined free course in BPPLKDN; a short spontaneous week trip from Bandung to Pare, Malang and Yogyakarta.

October – a month internship at certain herbal salon and spa, being part of Sensyar’i project–a musical drama: Muhammad Al-Fatih.

November – continue preparation for advance study; still moving around Bandung, Depok, Jakarta.

December – closing this yearlong with my besties and done an unplanned staggering but fun hike.^^


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