Madney Babbling *Ima ft. Haney*

Bungaaaaaa? oh my god!!!! i don’t even like one! okay they’re beautiful but…

Long last? you know what is that? something temporary but man tries to prolongue and expand the time.. so it long last..

many people want something to be..

Romance ihihihi, okay maybe some people saw me like some tough girl or something. buut, you know …

Cantik bro, gue kadang sebel banget ama kata ini tapi di satu sisi netral. secara fisik selalu liat …

ikan asin di laut
dibuat nelayan
dijemur di pantai
disinari mentari
ikan asin
digemari semua orang
murah dan asin
disimpan lama tak apa
Kicimpring dari emping
singkong mungkin
yang pasti
goreng garing
renyah juga penting
bikin smiling
pas makan kicimpring
nonton tivi
preman pensiun bilang
keep kicimpring
bukan keep smiling


E iiishhh, what should i do?

N one of this things can get me happy

I s like everything move in slow motion

G oing out just make me tired

M eet my friend just make me restless

A rggggh i’m bored


C racking jokes with you

L eaning myself on loose

O ught to be cool but cringe

U ndemanding desire to be fooled

D umb as doll dressed up locked in den

S erenade sweet shivering till numb on the bone


It had been late night when  two friends came home from a coincidence reunion party. Bring beverages in one hand while keep chattering along the road, this mates did not stop chuckling until the sight stood in front of them silenced them. The house locked. No one was there, but the left-side window pane in the rooftop was slightly shifted forward. *I’ll climb and open it*. They stared at each other and knew… sleepover time!*


Started of a coincidence but ended with something more than it; they didn’t even that close in the past and no contact for the past 10 years. but fate bring them back together and voila they now close than ever. Today they started with a ‘hello’ and  ended with ‘see you again’. Because ten years ago they didn’t even said good bye to each other because maybe today was bound to happen; everything happen for a reason and they hope to make more memories, more greatness and more more everything.

~ Can you guess whose who by the writing? ~


a 13 minutes weirdo challenge between us.. 

19:30 pm, at Quite Scarlet Little House


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