Ode to She (Sister’s Lament)

This is a scrap bout a girl

A girl who grown up, sheltered like pearl

Shine but shy

Calm not pry

She is living in her own world

Her own utopia-dystopia

She lives in-between,

Her fantasy and reality;

She is vigilant

What’s coming up next

Will make no affect

As she, the girl who’ve been ready

To against the hardest alley

Seek the truth,

Reach the triumph

Till she grasps the freedom

Up far away, turns head up to the sky

And see her, smiling

Smiles for free, smiles for her love;


She misses her sister

But she never say anything about her

She tells no one

Keep it alone

While her life goes on

Yet, each time she visits some places

Somewhere only she knew..

With her sister

Somewhere they two find peace

She stops there,

Stand or sit,

Laying down on her creed

She cries in smile

All of the blues and bubbles

Burst into her mind

Her sister there;

The silhouette

Sees her

Some time…. She smiles

Some time…. She remains silent

The silhouette

Is watching her…

Suddenly gone;

Jeddah, Arrahma Mosque, 2009

Memento @Jeddah, Arrahma Mosque, 2009

In memory: 

Nisa Waritsah El-Risalaty, 22nd of July 1989



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