Sayang Heulang Beach -151213-

Back on the mid-week of December, I gratefully visited Sayang Heulang beach, in Pameungpeuk – Garut. I rarely went out from my house in the last half year of 2013. Perhaps, this is the only nature vacation I’ve done during my hiatus in finishing final paper for graduating from college. After all, i passed 2013 in a very grateful feeling to Allah Fattahul’Alim for all unpredictable difficulties, unexpected happiness and many more things that I’ve been through along with my family and friends, even in my loners time. :’)

I’m ready to face many wonderful matters to live with in 2014. Hwaiting, bismillah! \(^o^)/

So, it was a cloudy morning on Saturday when my brother asked me to come with him, “let’s pick father up in Sayang Heulang”. The car drove by Aa, me and Mr. B (my father’s friend) started to off at 09.30 am. In reaching Garut city, we need time approximately 2 and half hours. From Garut, usually we need more time about four till five hours to arrive in Pameungpeuk region, but gladly we arrived in Sayang Heulang at 03.00 pm. Fortunately, there was not any traffic jam so we could leisurely stopped by in one of souvenir parlours to load some snacks for the journey. Along the way, we really enjoyed the scenery and cool breeze from the thick bushes, foggy cliffs, green tea fields, and shrouded old tress that overarching the road. This tranquility accompanied by birds and bugs’ harmonious sounds with a mixture of kresek.. kresek.. sound from the radio – lol no signal.

050520102527 14122013677  050520102521 14122013679                                                                                                                     – along the way –    

Just f.y.i.: If you happened to visit or plan to go to beaches around Garut district such as Sayang Heulang, Santolo, Ranca Buaya etc. the main road to access these places had already been asphalted; make it easy to reach now. But just keep in mind i think the road is not wide enough for a big bus to go through regarding over a hundred sharp bends on the road to pass. I f you bring a large troupe such 60-300 people, going with several mini buses or three-quarter bus will be better. 😉


Back to Sayang Heulang, I will consider this beach as a not-so-famous beach in Garut (despite for the local people there ofcourse). As far as i know, many people are more familiar with Santolo with its fisherman market and white sand island  or Ranca Buaya to go if we’d like to spend holiday in Garut beaches.Why is that? Perhaps, it involves many factors such as lack awareness of the fishermen also visitors in maintaining the cleanliness of the beach, corals and sea plants life maintenance (from what i’ve seen after years) and also local government awareness to increase the capabilities of this site as one of important tourism incomes. I should say, this beach actually has a lot of potential to be improved and renovated.

the wavy side of Sayang Heulang

the wavy side of Sayang Heulang


However, despite the irony, I really like this beach rather than Santolo because it is more desolate and quite, not so crowded by visitor. Moreover, there aren’t so many cottages to stay for– just a few little huts and small fisherman’s stalls in the coastal area.  It’s better because I prefer a quite beach rather than  a noisy one.^^)v spot became a trash dump :|

ironic…one spot became a trash dump 😐

Once you enter the gate, you only need to pay 3.000 IDR/person (in the past we never pay because the gate was deserted & ruined). Afterward, we will face a cross road with two paths, one to the left with a rocky road and the other one to the right which has been paved. Hence, my family always prefer the left road that lead to the west part of Sayang Heulang seaside with more small huts and stalls. A plus one (+1) of this sea which making it more preferable (i do not know for the others though): the coral field area  about ± 100-300 m apart from the sea barred the waves to come through; i can play in the water and swim safely without worrying the big waves ~ 😀

at noon in June 2012

at noon in June 2012

at noon in  Dec 2013
at noon in Dec 2013

My family and the troupe stayed in an old cottage”Wisma Flamboyan” for two nights-three days. It is the first big cottage compared to other huts which you will see if you chose the left road. It is one of the only two big cottages there. In a glance view, the front appearance of this place is quite spooky hehehe… because it’s truly half-deserted by the owner, alas. Oh, but the fee to rent this cottage is quite cheap! ^.~ We do not need to rent the whole place, we only need to pay the room we chose to stay for the night. It cost 150.000/night for the big room in the front corridor, and 50.000 IDR/night for the small room in the backyard.

East angle

East angle

West angle

West angle

As I noted in advanced that this cottage was half-deserted, the adequate rooms to stay are only five big rooms in the front and two small rooms in the back (actually there are 8 small rooms here). I do not know the price for rent the small huts nearby or the other big cottage anyway, haha.^^`

So, just in case you’re in a condition to go on vacation to Garut district, this beach is quite worthwhile to visit.

I will upload gallery of some photos I took when I was there in the next post. Salvete! 😉

The first creature that greeted me in the right-side of the cottage :3 miaw!

The first creature that greeted me in the right-side of the cottage :3 miaw!


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