Bandung Zoological Park (KBB)

This post has been stayed in the draft quite long and bit forgotten. Now it’s an early year of 2014, i went to this place in June 2013. I would like to post it anyway.


It’s been awhile since i went away and a bit abandoning my blog  teehee…glad i made it back here. Hopefully, i will be productive in writing my blog again ^.~

Last month, my friends and I visited famous local zoo in my hometown for the second time after my first visit in elementary school years ago; it’s called Kebun Binatang Bandung. The zoo located in Taman Sari, Bandung near Bandung Technology Institute (ITB). There are lots of historical information about this zoo spread out in internet but i do not intend to talk about it here, so just google it if you want to regain your curiosity!

The first thing came to mind “I WANNA SEE GIRAFFE!” Sadly it just a wish….

According to the information that goes around, the only giraffe in KBB had been long gone. *He died because of plastic in 2009, eww :'((*

Well, it is still quite a good zoo to be visited with family or friends for a short recreation in Bandung anyway. The price to enter this zoo is quite affordable around 15.000 IDR on weekdays. Their animal collection isn’t so grandeur like the one in Safari park – Bogor, though still… it’s interesting to see.^^ As long as the improvements for animals treatment are being developed by the zoo caretaker and the local government, i think KBB condition will be better through years (Hopefully, there won’t be any tragic animal death anymore, amin.).


Here, the snippet of photo-shots i took during the zoo trip with my mates! ^.~

zoohan28IMG_5034 zoohan26IMG_5019 zoohan27IMG_5030
kasih sampai
zoohan30IMG_4774 zoohan32IMG_4708 zoohan35IMG_5039 zoohan49sleepy ferret
zoohan31IMG_4686 zoohan42IMG_4994
zoohan46eaglezoohan53bulutung zoohan47IMG_4699 zoohan48IMG_4722zoohan56IMG_4776
zoohan3IMG_4874 zoohan54IMG_4832
zoohan52IMG_4855 zoohan55IMG_4866
zoohan40IMG_5009 zoohan41IMG_5003
zoohan11IMG_4892 zoohan2IMG_4864
zoohan19IMG_5014 zoohan6IMG_4823 zoohan7IMG_4822 zoohan13IMG_4700 zoohan15IMG_4958 zoohan17IMG_4969 zoohan18IMG_4980  zoohan10IMG_4889 

tiger and sparta haha

N.B. I apologize for mixing my Running Man (Korean variety show) biases into these photos’ caption -tee he..


One thought on “Bandung Zoological Park (KBB)

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