The Hobbit, Life of Pi, 5 cm: homeland, God quest and friendship

All these three movies are based on the novel (5 cm by Donny Dhirgantoro. Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and The Hobbit by JRR. Tolkien).


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Director: Peter Jackson

Genre: Adventure-fantasy


Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins
Ian McKellen as Gandalf
Ken Stott as Balin
Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakshield
Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins

Cate Blanchett as Lady Galadriel

and other casts

The Hobbit is a kind of prologue story related to the trilogy  of Lord of the Rings. Actually, it told about Bilbo Baggins’ adventure accompanied by 13 dwarves and one wizard to the Misty Mountain to find a way back to Erebor then fight a mighty dragon, Smaug. It happened a long long time before the middle earth has fallen in to the dark age where Sauron army raised once again and the ring bearer, Frodo started his journey to the Mount of Fire. It is the starter point of how Bilbo got the ring from a creature called Gollum which actually a cursed-hobbit.

I watched The Hobbit 10 days ago in the movie theatre near my campus. I deliberately went to watch it alone because I’m very fond of LOTR trilogy and in fact my best friends did not really know or interest with LOTR (oh, it really doesn’t matter..^^). I expected the same excitement and breathtaking moment once i watched the Hobbit as apparently I  watched many films directed by Peter Jackson and hardly failed. Anyway, let us talk about the film format. I bought one ticket in a flash  for 3D studio with HFR sign, not the usual one..(first time i saw the ticket studio screen, I really had no idea what HFR is about..though who cares??!). I was really surprised when the film started to run and the visual scene I saw was really-really so realistic! Despite the 3D function to make the audience see the fantasy creatures & the CGI effect seem alive, this hfr 3D made it looks like more telenovella look rather than normal 3d cinematic. You cannot tell which things that is not real because all the things was visually motioning in gentle smooth and pristine as it happened normally in our reality. I have enjoyed it much.^^ So, this was a different 3D experience i ever felt compared to other movies that I’ve watched in 3D theatre. I think the HFR worked on it. After I did some browsing about the Hobbit this morning, HFR actually stands for High frame Rate. You can google it and see what is the different between common 3D and HFR 3D.

In 2 hours and 49 minutes (if you so longing to stay till the end of the credits) I think it is not an easy movie to watch without ‘yawn’ in the middle of the show or awfully walk out from the theatre. So, the creator and the producer must have been thinking hard of a strategy to avoid this kind of displeasure. Please, do not expect that it will contain more breathtaking fights or wars with an advance technology now Hollywood have in hand, like we’ve seen in the most epic films LOTR. But after all, i think the director and crew have done it well. For a common audience who is not a die-hard fan of Tolkien’s world will see this movie as quite an interesting and enjoyable adventure fantasy film with great casts performances, enough humour, and awe-strucking visual effects. Especially, for me who consider myself a Tolkien lover, the Hobbit was not disappointed at all and met my expectation although I anticipated something higher than that. Hence, The story has not end yet, it has been confirmed it will also be made into trilogy, yay!  And..for sure, the HFR 3D is worth to try. I think this film can be nominated in the Oscar for best cinematography or visual effect. Over all, I give 8.5 from 10 for the Hobbit.

I recommend it if you love to watch a long-duration movie with much beautiful visual scenes and some brilliant fight action effects.^^

One thing I learned from the Hobbit: never give up to reclaim or defend our homeland.. loyalty, a willing heart and courage is enough because however far away we go ahead, one day we always back to…home.

“remember… the true courage is not about knowing when to take a life, but when to spare one.”- Gandalf

Life of Pi

Director: Ang Lee

Genre: Adventure – drama

Starring: Suraj Sharma, Irfann Khan, Rafe Spall, and others

I would say that Life of Pi is a story of a God quest. It is wrapped in the lens of child/adolescence innocent perspective, while he had been through some unexpected adventure in his childhood life with most of the time accompanied by a Bengali tiger. (I think an Unexpected Journey can fit Pi story as the title as well.. teehee :p)

The story started with two guys in the pantry living room. One with oriental visage was cooking the breakfast which soon we acknowledged him as the adult Pi, who told his life story to the American writer in his house. I admit as common audience who did not read the book instead watched the movie first, the plot of this film was quite hard to understand. Eventhough, it was extremely interesting with breathtaking additional visual effect of nature and universe scenes and also the creatures of the earth. Since the first scene, the audience had been given a highlight by the writer’s statement that he would know and believed in God more…if he came to Pi and heard his story. Then, the twisted and puzzled adventure began as the adult Pi narrated his childhood story. Thus, for one hour and half the audience was brought to surreal visualization of a boy who was deserted in the middle of the ocean with one beast and tried to survive. In the end of the movie, the audience will know the answer or being left with big question so what is the relation of this wonderful story with knowing God?

The answer to know God is up to personal individual heart. From what Pi said, whether you like the story with beautiful magical features within it or the plain ‘straight to the point’ story which is more rational, it is you who choose to see God in either way.  That’s that will shape your knowing and faith about God.

I personally think this story is emotional and so touching. It is good to watch Life of Pi with your family because there is not any nudity scene and the violation  scene in the movie still can be tolerated for children. I will give 9 from 10 for this movie. I recommend it too!

“I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.”

“Doubt is useful, it keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it is tested.” 

-Pi Patel-

5 cm

Director: Rizal Mantovani

Genre: Drama-adventure

Starring: Fedi Nuril, Raline Syah, Herjunot Ali, Denny Sumargo, Igor Saykoji, Pevita Pearce and others

Well, one of few worth Indonesian movies I have seen in my life. It told about the story of 5 young adults, Genta, Zafran, Riani, Ian & Arial in a close friendship since they were in high school. One day, the one who act as leader in their group had a thought to let them experiencing a different condition once they came out of their comfortable zone. They then agreed not to see each other in 3 months. Their bond of friendship latter is being tested in the climax to hike Mount Semeru and reach Mahameru, the highest peak in Java land. The climbing adventure involved Arial’s sister, Arinda who engaged on the triangle love among their friendship.

My decision to watch it was influenced by one friend who had poisoned me with the novel and awoke my passion to climb Semeru. =_=` (anyway, I should say thanks to you..well done, I’m poisoned! :P) FYI only, I am honestly not really interested to many Indonesian movies and always prefer to watch Hollywood, British and indie movies of other countries. Once I finished the novel, it really reminded me of my friendship with my college-mates that’s became another reason for me to watch the movie when that one friend told me the novel is being adapted into a film. :’)

As I read the book first, it is normal that I realized some of differences between the movie and the book and which part that is satisfying and which one is disappointed. However, it still not diminish the great adaption story the director made to captive audience excitement and emotion. This movie still succeeded in making the audience to love our country, Indonesia, better. I give 5 cm 8.0 from 10.

For you who have not watch it, go to your nearest cinema in town and experience it with your friends or your loved one! ^.~

“Mimpi-mimpi kamu, cita-cita kamu, keyakinan kamu, apa yang kamu mau kejar, biarkan ia menggantung, mengambang 5 cm di depan kening kamu. Jadi dia nggak akan pernah lepas dari mata kamu. Dan kamu bawa mimpi dan keyakinan kamu itu setiap hari, kamu lihat setiap hari, dan percaya bahwa kamu bisa.”

*hey, it’s been 1:11 am on my watch, precisely January 01. Happy New Year 2013 then~ Thanks Ya Ghaniyyun Halim, for many precious moments in 2012*


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