21 times in my life

1991: I was born to this beautiful earth as human. Thanks, Allah.. :’)

1992: Infancy still in process..

1993: started to be a toddler

1994: become a chubby with ‘big head’ (it is literally ‘big’ head) toddler ~_~`

when i first saw this old photo: it's really big head (right) compared to my older sister (left) who has normal size of head +.+ haha

when i first saw this old photo: it’s really big (right) compared to my older sister (left) who has normal size of head +.+ haha

1995: started to fond of a hobby ‘climbing the trees’, being taught of iqra and read books by family.

1996: hm, I went to a kindergarten in the big zero class (nol BESAR), experienced my first full-fasting of Ramadhan.

1997: entered elementary school, now i can read Qur’an and began to love stories and tales. frankly had dreams to be a head of Muhammadiyah like Mr. Amin Rais and become head of Indonesia parliament at that moment (are those kind of a silly dream?)

1998: shy kid, did not much interact with peers around me– got the first highest ranking in my education life (i bet most Indonesian kids experienced this triumph in elementary :p)

1999: acknowledged the machine called computer in my house for the first time in life and touched it (MS-DOS Windows 1995, i could not operate it, only played Aladdin and prince of Persia games XD)

2000: being in love with Harry Potter books… started from The Chamber of Secret, finished it in one day :’)

2001: got the worst score of math ‘6’ (for a fifth grader i felt so desperate because of it and realized my weaknesses on counting numbers well.. math, you’re complicated but i don’t hate you anyway :3 teehee)

2002: finally i learned and could ride a bicycle (sooo late.. =___= haha)

2003: went to junior hi-school in the holy Azkaban.. opps, sorry  I mean the lovely boarding school Ma’had Al-Zaytun..it was really a huge place, yeah i didn’t deny it. Actually this also the time when my imaginary friends reappeared to help stabilizing my emotion.^^

2004: went to the movie theatre for the first time of my life; watching Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban \o/ (i did it on my school holiday) while I spent most of my time writing scraps of stories on my bed in the dormitory.

2005: joined ICDL computing course, my addiction to computer went deeper. started to dream to be an IT master beside a writer ;”p

2006: experienced UN and alhamdulillah it went well. Then, because of some matters i moved back to my hometown and continuing my education there.

2007: adapted to public hi-school environment, got my first own handphone and seems that my weirdness was gradually exposed.

2008: hi-school never ends.. (many crazy rendezvous moments happened with my schoolmates of ipa 7 😀 )

2009: the fate shown me that i eventually end up in university as an English Literature student. My college mates taught me to swim ~..~`

2010: started to blogging, youtube-ing, tweet-ing and abandoning facebook. My older sister passed away and my psychological condition was quite changed.

2011: struggled living life with better emotion and spiritual, positive mind, family bound and friendship, and loads of dreams. 🙂 For my life’s intermezzo and craziness: Running Man captivated me!

2012: welcoming the new year on the peak of Mount Bromo. More stick to nature, spent time with mates and family, being a runner, getting older... facing hecticness of 7th semester and proposal for the skrips***t. Hwaiting!

rest 2013-… : ???????

I see that I may have lived such an ordinary life, I do not think many special events had happened. I haven’t got many luxury moments like others but those times still made me very grateful because God still allow me to experience all those things in my life before He called me back to hereafter. All the ordinary things makes my life extraordinary. :’)

Anyway, what’s yours?


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