Pets #nostalgia

Just raised from.. the grave (haissh..bed-_-) hahaha-

I was not feeling well this morning so i just lied on my bed but it turns out to be better now. Alhamdulillah 🙂
Ignoring my chapter report assignment *I swear i’ll work on it tonight^^’tee hee.. the word ‘pet’ came to my mind without any reason and enforced me to write it on blog like now–I’m writing it.

Talking about pet, I have quite several animals to be petted since i was a child (who are you now, Han? xp)
Let’s list the rank of animals i have and ever had from the mostly being petted to hardly being petted *bad grammar, yeah..~_~* :

1. Cat/miaow/ucing/meng/whateveryouliketocallthisfunnyfluffyfuryanimal

atas ki-ka: Albus; Artemis, Luna; Bolbo; Bubble; Chika
tengah ki-ka: Mochi; anak-anak Sinichi; Alwan; Iteung; Jalu
bawah ki-ka: Q-menk; Sinichi; Simeng; Callista; Chitol

2. rabbit/bunny/kelinci/hare?/watheveryouwannacallthislonglegslongearsanimal

Some of them didn’t have a name 😥 sorry..uhm the black one is Timtam, and the white one is Jono, the twins named “Sikembar”

3. marmot/marmut/gwinea pig preferred/yeah whateveryoucallthischubbyfurywichsharesimilarfamilylikerabbit

Imot, Geheng, Imot & his twin

4. owl/burung hantu/buek/big eye’s bird/harrypotterfavoriteanimalimaysay

R.I.P my lovely Hibbochibus :’) *actually someone stole her from the cage 😦

5. kuskus/polecat/cuscus?/ehm theimagerystickedtomymindboutitwastheonewhichwaspettedbyconanthebarbarianontvseries

I had two cuscus from my father in the past, one for me & one for my late sister :’)
They died in two weeks =_=’

6. fish/lion fish selected/ikan singa/’lauk laut’ thatishowmydadoncesaidaboutit

similar with cuscus, this fish being petted by me in the past.
died in one month (O__O)7 duh!

7. other animals which happened to be petted by my family etc.

AYAM KATE, AYAM KAMPUNG, LAUK HIAS, MACEM-MACEM BURUNG YANG SAYA GAK TAU NAMANYA SATU-PERSATU (please, excuse me for not using English term of these animals 😛)

Perhaps, I’ll edit this post later as now time points out to be 17.22 pm, and I should prepare my ifthar 😉

Thanks to you who accidentally read my babbling about pets. Salvete!^.~


6 thoughts on “Pets #nostalgia

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