Morning Shopping!


Hello, folks! \o/

I just went home from the nearer traditional market with my Mum and we bought some staples for today’s menu:

Daun Salam a.k.a Bay leaves

Daun Kemangi a.k.a Basil leaves

Kangkung a.k.a Chinese Watercress or Ung Soy

Genjer a.k.a Velvetleaf (Limnocharis flava)

Selada Air a.k.a Watercress

Pegagan a.k.a Gotu Kola

Kunyit a.k.a Turmeric and Kencur a.k.a Cutcherry

Tomat a.k.a Tomato

Jagung manis a.k.a Sweet Corn

Leunca a.k.a Black Nightshade

Bawang Daun a.k.a Leek

























We  will make a menu from vegetables and some dry fish for today’s ifthar or open feast as my family have been doing sunnah fasting in this Syawal.^_^

Ikan asin Peda a.k.a Rastrelliger or Indo-pacific Mackerel

Ikan Asin Bilis a.k.a Anchovy salted fish

Seledri a.k.a Salary










For the appetizer…we have fruits, and i think Mum and me will also make carrot juice. I’ll update later! ^.~

Wortel a.k.a Carrot

Konyal a.k.a Orange Granadilla

Strawberry…yeah, what else?! 😛

Jambu Batu a.k.a Guava

Manggis a.k.a Purple Mangosteen


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