Day #3 Strolling

Continue from my last post about my ‘Umra

Day #3 still in Madinah Al Munawwarah “city of Light” 🙂

I captured some morning shoots again after waiting my old brother did shubuh prayer and exit the mosque. There were not many activity happened  for our pilgrims that day just strolling around the courtyard-hotel-praying-hotel again..well, alhamdulillah a free day^^

Here’s the pics:

How could I ignore such a bonny toddler who suddenly appeared walking around the courtyard in the morning! :”D

Oops, I almost forgot! (thanks God, i re-checked the date files^^) Actually there was one scheduled activity for the pilgrims of the travel: a city tour with most of the time spent in visiting Kebun Qurma or Dates Garden, for sure..women pilgrims may say it.. is shopping time!

The city tour was started from: Quba Mosque – Kebun Qurma – Jabal Uhud

ϡ  Quba Mosque is the first mosque built by Rasulullah SAW in the first place of the first Hijra year right before he arrived to Madinah.  One of hadits says that for whoever do a sunnah prayer in this mosque equals to a reward as one ‘umra.

ϡ “Kebun Kurma Abdul Aziz”  Kebun Qurma like one in the picture below is One of market alleys where the harvested dates are gathered and being sold here, not only provide dates but also sweets and souvenirs. Many Pilgrims buy their sweets souvenirs especially chocolate, dates, and peanut here.

Kebun Kurma Abdul Aziz

the cool nuance behind the market. Hey, we can get free hot tea here! \o/

ϡ Jabal Uhud was somehow being known as Lonely Mountains (Wow, smaug hid there :p lotr effect). It is a mountain where Uhud war between Muslims and kafir Quraisy had taken place. The story was famous for the tragic story of 60 Muslim archers who fell for the spoils of war and ignored Rasulullah’s command. They were slain in chaos after they were ambushed by the Quraisy. The hill where the archers first settled to attack called Jabal Rummah. According to muthawwif explanation, there is a hadits stated that the mountain is one of mountains which can be found in the Heaven, subhanallah.. may the favor to see it be upon us. Amin.

You can google it for more information. 🙂

The mural picture one in the bottom right corner has captivated me, because of the seeing eye.. I wonder what it means..

Next post will be about the last day in Medina

and our arrival to Mecca “Makkah al Mukarramah” the first Haram city.


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