Ied Al-Fithri 1433 H

Hello, It had been quite some times to find myself enjoyed writing on blog again..

Anyway, Happy Ied Mubaarak to muslims all over the world \o/

I’ve been taking some pictures of last night “takbiran” and the day of Lebaran which is…. today!

  • Well, last night all these meals were truly homemade, cooked by my awesome Aunty Ade ^.^
    consist of: Blackrice Brownies, Rainbow Jelly sweets, Opor Ayam, kerupuk Emping, and Sambal Goreng Kentang

Variant foods of Ied Mubarak Feast

  • my “Takbiran” wardrobe lastnight:

Black scarf, Grey batwing shirt with long sleeves, and black shirt pants

  • Today’s Silaturrahim (neighborhood greetings) :

Uncle Dave, Aunt Min, A’ Dan, My Dad, A’ Abu, and T’ Donna 🙂

some of neighbors hug each other ^^

All neighbors are gathered here after Ied prayer

Enjoying the Feast 😉

A’ Dan, me & T’ Desty

T’ Fith, Zakira & Me

My Brother in law & T’fith 😉 sweet married couple

Me & My Brothah! XD

It’s been such a hectic happy day, soon enough I’ll prepare to go to Tasikmalaya. ^^

An Indonesian culture every Lebaran or Ied Mubarak in Indonesia is called “Mudik”, visiting your hometown or your family ancestor first resided. It usually happens during a week before and after 1st Syawal or the Eid day. Well, well, that’s all for now.

eating Seaweed meatball :9

Minal ‘Aidin wal Faidzin

here’s my Lebaran style: “Purity in Pink not Pretty” ahahahahaha


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