Day 2 “City of Light” #Madinah Al-Munawwarah

What is the first thing pilgrims mostly do in Medina?

Visiting Nabawi Mosque, do sunnah prayer as a welcome greeting -that would be the first thing you want to do once you arrived to this holy city.

In the morning, while i was staying in the chamber *i got woman’s sick so sadly cannot go outside* my family as well as other pilgrims went to pray shubuh and dhuha prayer before enjoying breakfast. I really like the harmonious morning around Nabawi Mosque; breathe the fresh air, just strolling around or shopping at the ‘pasar ngampar’, and watching a group  of doves fluttering and stood at the mosque’s courtyard.^^

One morning in the courtyard @ one of the Male Entrance of Nabawi Mosque

a group of doves

female entrance

Well, I will give some snippets about Nabawi Mosque:

  • Do any prayer in Nabawi Mosque has a virtue equals to 1000 rewards for prayer in any other mosques except Masjidil Haram (virtue to 100.000 rewards).
  • This day, the mosque can accommodate up to 1.000.000 pilgrims.
  • Nabawi Mosque’s area encompasses prophet Muhammad’s house in the center of the site which is marked by a green dome.
  • There is raudhah which is situated in front of the tombs and said as part of the heaven’s garden or jannah; in female’s section the space of raudhah is marked with emerald green carpet. Muslims can do sunnah prayer here and greeting Islam holy Prophet Muhammad Saw., Amirul Mukminin Abu Bakar and Umar Bin Khaththab r.a.
  • Uttering our prays here will be maqbul, insyaallah. Raudhah is one of mustajab place to pray with no rejection as it is believed by Muslims.

in the dawn: the umbrellas have not been sprung out yet

In my ‘umra this year, I did not get the chance to visit Raudhah. May Allah give me another chance next time I’m being summoned. Amin :’)

Let’s continue the day in the next post ^_^


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