Sparkling Night #arrival

a beautiful sparkling night scenery of Jeddah, tee he my camera was shook so it turned out blur.

Yraah! I finally landed on \o/ *haroro-ssi mode on*

Alhamdulillahirabbi’alamin..thanks, ya Ghafurur Rahim

I arrived at 10.00 pm Middle East time.

After passport checking (my father accompanied me as my mahram) and taking all the luggage, me and my family gathered with other pilgrims while we’re waiting for the shuttle bus to our Hotel in Medina..

My family and relatives

There was a funny thing happened when we just getting rode on the bus for 15 minutes (a quater way to Medina), an undesirable raid of bus is on the move. One police guard got on the bus and started re-checking our passports including muthawwif’s. Just for your information, most of muthawwifs for Hajj and Umra pilgrimage were come from Indonesia especially Madura.

Duh, sadly this muthawwif just a newbie in Saudi Arabia and somewhat did not have a legal identification of immigrant passport so he need to hide himself in avoiding the raid (ironic, yes). So then, as the pilgrims petrified in silence of knew nothing except obeying the raid, the muthawwif suddenly hid and locked himself in a rush to the “uurgh-smelly germy dirty bus lavatory” before the guards walked on further to the back of the bus. Gladly the raid was over..after hid there for about half hour, he came out with a very pale face and anxious smirk.^_^` haha, my relatives and several pilgrims in the backseat even can’t help laughing at his unfortunate event. Next time you must be more realistic dealing with a country policy, mister!

The bus continued to move and after 6 hours passed, we eventually arrived at Dallah Taibah Hotel and get some well rest.

before i turned off the lamp..nox!*

**Muthawwif is a designation for a person who assists the pilgrims during Umrah ritual until the pilgrimage time is over.

Mahram is an Islam terminology for unmarriage kin. in this country law case, Saudi Arabia made obligation to any woman as far as i know under the age of 50 to enter Saudi with a mahram, other than that will be prohibited.


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