#Food in aeroplane

The distance from Jakarta to Jeddah take time about more or less 9 hours so that I’ve been served two main dishes.

Along the flight, the first menu is on supper time. The supper looks so yummy or it just me who had been really hungry after waiting the delayed departure time for more than 3 hours.. (^v^)/

the supper meal \o/

let’s list the composition:

-one guava juice

-one pack of fresh fruits

-one..eugh..’somethinginsquareshapewitheggsandmincemeat’ ?? (i blankly said the food in the middle as ‘scootel’ to my Mum, i really don’t know its name u.u) haha

and, one nata de coco jelly cup! :9

after supper, as the plane just passed the different timezone of earth which made me confused a little –the time moves backward 4 hours earlier than my normal timezone–, i ate my flight dinner meal.^^

the second dish

It consists of:

boiled meat with rice and boiled vegetables

one cup of hot tea

one small pack of vegi salad

one slice of peach pudding

and, bun bread..(again)

Oh i almost forgot to tell you that I flew with Garuda airlines GA 980 so those are the main dishes they served for passengers at the time.

The next sequence will tell you a snippet of my arrival in Jeddah airport before i continued my journey to Medina, the first Haram city.^^


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