Day 1 #Airport

The day I went away…


04.00 am..

10.20 am.

15.34 pm

I arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Cengkareng aproximately at 8.00 am.

Here, two unexpected things happened to me despite one other thing which affected all the pilgrims; I lost my ATM card and lost my..err *bit ashamed* my teeth braces (¢….¢`) haha astaghfirullah, subhanallah..but I believe all those thingies happened as a testament for me so I finally accepted it.^^

masih sempet berjepret ria, padahal baru saja ngubek2 tong sampah sambil nyesek penuh perjuangan di resto bandara dan menyadari innalillahi..telah menghilang dari dunia kawat gigi lepas-pasang saya hihi

Other thing was the delayed departure time until 15.30 pm as Soekarno-Hatta Airport electricity was accidentally being shut down.

However, Thanks God..we finally could have a 9 hours safe flight till the plane arrived at King Abdul Aziz Airport, Jeddah.

Oh, there’s a silly thing I’ve done as i forgot to put an identity photo on my luggage for the identification like others.. I put my old Photobox shot as the identity pic.. teehee.. pictured me with my bestie, Resty ^^ pika2..~ \o/ (siriusly, i don’t have any other normal close up photos inside my wallet. so that’s the ‘lucky’ one 😛 )

foto box yang kontras dgn poto jama’ah lain yg semuanya pake foto close up 4×6 formal gitu^^ eh, Mum saya ga ketang.. sama recklessnya kaya saya akhirnya ktp aa dipake buat jd foto identifikasi koper Mum XP

Let’s move on to the next sequence inside the flightplane —->


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